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On-Line Accounts System..

Over the past 12 months we have been developing our new on-line accounts system with full automation in mind. The concept was to take the functionality of an everyday accounting system and make it as automated as possible. Primarily designed for the on-line retail industry the new system can be easily customised to meet the requirements of any business. If our new system is of interest please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your business.


Having extensive knowledge of various different accounting systems and being fully aware of some of their limitations we decided to create our own solution. We looked at every aspect of the accounting process and tried to automate as many functions as possible. As you would expect, our system includes Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Nominal ledger, SOP, POP and Stock Control, however it is also capable of managing multiple websites, ebay stores, adwords campaigns, quotations, labour based work, advanced reporting and the list goes on! Below is a list of the systems various modules and what we have done to try and automate procedures.

Sales Ledger

The Sales Ledger holds all the useful information about your customers, contact information, transaction history, payments & balances etc...
We have added multiple email fields and brief sales breakdowns. Quickly view copy invoices and list current back orders.
Payment allocation Allocating payments can be time consumming and labour intensive. Our system will automatically allocate payments to invoices.
Statement Runs Producing statements and sending them to your customers can take time, our system can be set to automatically send out pdf statements by email on a regular basis, it can even chase up payments and send out final warnings without any user input!
Credit Accounts If accounts reach their credit limit the system will stop any further transactions and even stop any backorders being despatched.
Account Creation New accounts can be created manually or automatically from website orders and quotations etc..
on-line accounting system. Sales Ledger summary.

Sales Ledger summary showing account details, transactions and un-paid invoices etc..

Purchase Ledger

Just the oposite of the sales ledger, the purchase ledger holds all the information about your suppliers. Again we have included multiple fields for email addresses and added a memo/notes facility which automatically appends notes when certain processed are completed. Payment Runs Our payment run system will automatically generate payment runs to selected suppliers, the user can manually adjust the payment run date and overide selected invoices. Remmitance documents are sent via email and BACS files are automatically generated for your bank.
Manufacturer Links Supplier accounts can be linked to multiple manufacturers and brands for our automated purchase ordering module.
Drop Shipping Some suppliers are able to drop ship your orders, these suppliers can be marked as such via the purchase ledger and our automated purchasing system will do the rest!
on-line accounting system. Purchase Ledger summary.

Purchase Ledger summary showing account details, transactions, payment terms and other defualt settings.

Nominal Ledger

The Nominal Ledger stores the break down of all your costs, purchases and sales. It is from this data that a detailed profit and loss report can be created along with other numerous useful reports to analyse expenditure and sales sources. The Nominal Ledger is the key to producing accurate accounts on a yearly and monthly basis. There really isn't much to automate here! The Nominal Ledger is usually set up from the start and is populated automatically from the sales and purchasing processes. on-line accounting system Nominal Ledger Profit and Loss Report.

Profit & Loss Report showing breakdown of sales and purchases.

Sales Order Processing

The Sales Order Processing or 'SOP' module controls all the sales orders and invoicing and this is where the fun starts! Our SOP module manages back orders, internet orders, drop ship orders, invoicing, payments, quotations, stock allocations, labour and customer communications. Fully Automatic or Manual When processing a new order the system can be set to fully automate the whole process right through to the final shipping of the goods. In automatic mode the system will decide if an order needs to be shipped immediately, drop shipped (if a drop ship supplier has been setup, see drop shipping below) or placed on back order. If goods need to be purchased, the system will take care of that via our automatic purchasing module. When your warehouse finally books in products from your suppliers, the system will automatically allocate stock to your order/ orders and decide if they can be despatched.
Payment checking and processing In automatic mode the system will always check the payment terms of the customer, if payment is required it will automatically debit cards before moving the order to the despatch stage. We also cater for customers with credit terms and check on account balances, credit limits and terms before despatching. Any orders which fail to meet the payment terms are held and flagged for a user to address.
Drop Shipping Provided a supplier has been set up to drop ship your orders our system will automatically check your suppliers stock and continue to drop ship if available. The system will create a purchase order and a pdf copy of your order and email it directly to your supplier. The order is then held in 'awaiting drop ship' until your supplier marks it as being despatched via one of our secure 'supplier logins' (a simple page for your supplier to view and manage the outstanding drop ship orders). Your customer is automatically notified of the delivery details and the order is completed and posted to the Sales Ledger.
Logging and Traceability The system keeps a detailed log of any changes and amendments to your order and records user id's, time and date and a description of the event.
Internet Orders Your internet orders (from an unlimited amount of sites) can all be tracked via our SOP module. Orders can be downloaded and processed in an instant, again right through to the despatch stage.
ebay Orders Own an ebay shop? We have even included a function to download and handle your ebay orders with the touch of a button!! (see ebay below).
on-line accounting system. Sales Order Processing order entry.

Sales order processing order entry and management.

on-line accounting system. Multiple website order management screen.

Internet order management screen - grab and process all of your internet orders from here!

on-line accounting system. manage your back orders.

List and Manage your back orders.

on-line accounting system. Sales analysis reports.

Run detailed sales analysis reports.

Purchase Order Processing

The Purchase Order Processing or 'POP' module controls all of your orders and returns to your suppliers. The module manages orders waiting delivery, waiting invoice / credit and orders waiting to be returned etc. We have incorporated some useful functions to help with your day to day ordering and automated many traditional methods. POP Dashboard Everytime you enter the POP module the system looks at all of your sales orders, stock and current purchases to produce a summary dashboard of what you need to order and what has been over ordered. The dashboard highlights any ordering problems allowing you to recify any possible errors before it's too late!
Auto Generate The POP module is capable of auto generating all of your orders according to set parameters. It will also allow you to semi automate the process by producing a suggested ordering report which you can individually approve for each supplier. if you prefer the old fashioned method then you can still produce your orders manually if you wish!
Drop Shipping is initiated by the SOP module. The system will automatically generate a purchase order to your drop ship supplier with the correct delivery address and then email it along with a pdf copy of your customers invoice, ready for shipping.
e-mailing Our POP module will automatically email your purchase orders to the relevant suppliers and attach a pdf copy for good measure! You can still print a manual copy for posting or faxing if you wish.
Goods in When booking in newly arrived products, our system will automatically scan your sales orders and allocate stock, if an order is ready it will check payment details and move the order to the despatch module ready for shipping. All done in a micro second and with as little hassel as possible!
Communications If there are any amendments to a purchase order after it has been sent to your supplier the system will automatically keep the supplier informed of the changes by email. i.e. deleting a product from a purchase order will automatically inform the supplier to cancel it. A log is kept of such changes and a copy of the email kept in the notes section of the purchase ledger.
on-line accounting system. Purchase order processing Semi automatic ordering page

The semi-automatic ordering report allows you to approve suggested purchase orders before they are sent.

on-line accounting system. Purchase order processing manual order entry page

Manual purchase order entry page.

on line accounting system. Purchase order processing dashboard

Purchase order dashboard shows over orders and items required.

Stock Control

The stock control module is designed to keep track of your inventory across multiple depots. An easy to use stock enquiry page allows you to view individual products, displaying location, quantities, sales analysis and prices. Our master price list feature makes it fast and easy to make multiple price changes all from one page, you can even download excel spreadsheets from your suppliers to automate the process. Our stock control module also includes a Content Management System (CMS) to control and ammend your inventory on any number of websites. Multiple Depots If your business operates from a number of locations our system is able to control your stock across an unlimited amount of depots. Stock transfers are quick and easy and include confirmation emails to those involved.
Price list uploads Your pricing can be controlled in a number of ways. We have devised a neat solution which enables the adjustment of 100's of prices via an easy to use one page solution, or alternatively you can upload an excel spread sheet from your suppliers to make the adjustments for you. The system will automatically highlight any changes and make adjustments where necessary. The same process will also update any of your websites where the products are currently being promoted.
Special Offers Specials can easily be setup and configured with expiry dates and uploaded to multiple websites with the touch of a button.
Price lookup and quotes Products can be looked up with ease and then added to a quotation where prices and margins can be manipulated on an individual bases. Once complete, the quote containing product links to your website and a purchase now button can be emailed to the customer. If the customer decides to accept the quote and pay on-line our system will automatically convert the quote into a working order. Quotes can also be manually converted in the case of a telephone confirmation.
Product availability As well as monitoring your own stock levels, our stock control module is also capable of receiving stock feeds from your suppliers making it very easy to see possible supply problems and providing your customers with accurate delivery schedules. (this function is required for our drop ship solution).
Security All users registered to use the accounting software are set up with various access levels, your stock can be protected against unauthorised adjustments by configuring these access levels for each user. A detailed log of each stock item is stored in the database so you can track every movement.
ebay Our ebay interface can produce daily files which can be uploaded to ebay to automatically Add to, end or amend your listings.
Communications e-mail alerts can be configured to inform managers of various events, including stock adjustments, price changes and stock transfers.
on line accounting system, stock control master price list

Master price list, easily update multiple prices in one go.

on line accounting system, stock control enquiry page

Stock enquiry page showing stock levels, pricing and sales analysis.

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